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Is "the King" still kickin'? Evidence Elvis may still be alive

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Elvis Still Alive

Official reports state that Elvis died on August 16, 1977 due to a heart attack in his own home. Given his rock-star lifestyle, many didn't find his death surprising.

However, some fans claim that Elvis is actually still alive and faked his own death. Hoping to enjoy a “normal life” without the pressures of fame, fans claim, Elvis has been living under a secret identity in plain sight. Since his death, there have been hundreds of reported Elvis sightings, with some even occurring up to the present day -- nearly 45 years after his alleged death occurred.

Here’s some of the most compelling -- and outlandish -- evidence that “the King” may still be kickin’:

1. The Medical Examiners Report

According to the “Evidence Elvis Preseley is Alive” Facebook page, there are discrepancies between the official medical examiners report and the public stories shared by those in Elvis’ close circle pertaining to his death.

In media interviews, Elvis’ girlfriend, Ginger Alden, says that she found Elvis dead on the bathroom floor following his heart attack. Joe Esposito, the star's road manager and close friend, corroborated this story. However, when taking a closer look at medical reports, it states that Elvis was found “on the floor of a dressing room”. Could this be evidence of a cover up?

2. Sightings Shorty Following his Death

The first Elvis sighting occurred shortly following Elvis’ death in the Memphis International Airport. Allegedly, a man who looked “just like” Elvis bought a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina under the name “Jon Burrows”. Interestingly enough, “Jon Burrows” is an alias that Elvis’ team used when booking hotels for him, to avoid massive crowds.

3. The Pool House Door Photo:

Another sighting occurred shortly after at Graceland, Elvis' former home, which has now been turned into a popular tourist attraction.

Patron Mike Joseph was visiting Graceland with his family in December of 1977. He took a photo of the mansion's pool house -- and if you look close enough, you'll see a man sitting inside. Many believe that this man was Elvis Joe Esposito denied the claims, saying that the person was actually one of Presley's friends and former colleagues, Al Strada, but not everyone is convinced.

4. Movie Appearances

Some believe that Elvis has been a movie extra in several popular films -- most notably “Home Alone.” Apparently, a man looking like Elvis appeared in the background of the movie when one of the characters was checking in for a flight.

The man is seemingly the correct age (~55) and has Elvis’ natural hair color (blonde). I'm not sure why he would appear so publicly, I guess but it could happen!

Think Elvis is still alive? Hear more about these stories and more strange occurrences surrounding his death in our latest episode!

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