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Why the Heck Are There No Female Bigfeet? And What the Heck is Bigfoot Erotica?

After doing the bare minimum research (searching different variations of the phrase why are there no female Bigfoot) I have concluded that there is a huge hole in the Bigfoot literature. Also random aside what the hell is the plural of Bigfoot? Is it Bigfoots? Bigfeet? Or just Sasquatch? Anyway from my limited research and scrolling through a few pages on Google I found no legitimate answer to my question. However, I did discover that not only is Bigfoot very well endowed, there is actually a current Congressman, Denver Riggleman, who is not only into Bigfoot Erotica, but also has written a book about Bigfoot called “The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him.” Unfortunately I was unable to track down a copy of this book for this blog.

So who is Denver Riggleman?

Denver Riggleman is currently a representative of the 5th district of Virginia and more importantly is a Bigfoot enthusiast who may or may not be sexually attracted to Bigfoot. I got most of my information about Mr. Riggleman from one of my favorite Youtube Channels Internet Today. For some background, in 2018 Mr Riggleman was running against Leslie Cockburn for the 5th district of Virginia and during the campaign, it came out that Denver Riggleman had posted various images of a naked Bigfoot with a massive penis on his public instagram page.

Image of Bigfoot Erotica from Congressman Denver Riggleman's public instagram showing a drawing of a naked Bigfoot with a massive penis

In various interviews Riggleman has denied that he is sexually attracted to Bigfoot, however, based on an image of a naked Bigfoot with his head photoshopped on it, he might actually be sexually aroused by role playing as Bigfoot. (Unfortunately I could not find an image of this to include). We do not have any definitive answers at this time, however, we do know that back in 2018 he was working on a book about Bigfoot reproduction. We also know that at one point he was working on a novel where JFK was assassinated because he got too close to the truth about Bigfoot, however, this was never finished. On top of this, Denver has an incredibly rich knowledge of Bigfoot which you can hear about in this interview. You can watch the whole video if you want, but in my opinion the highlight is when he tells the story about the time he took his wife Bigfoot hunting for their wedding anniversary and she was not into it.

So back to female Bigfoot, unfortunately I still know nothing about this subject and believe that there is a major hole in Bigfoot literature. I’m asking the hard questions here: how the hell does Bigfoot reproduce if there are no female Bigfoot? There needs to be a female Bigfoot or they would have gone extinct. Without access to Riggleman's book, the world may never know about Female Bigfoot. We can change this. If we all contact Denver Riggleman and demand that he release “The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him,” we may finally know what the deal is with female Bigfoot.

Again this was by no means a well researched blog about Female Bigfoot. If new information comes to light I will either update this blog or write a new one. For more information about Bigfoot, check out this blog. Also we discuss this whole ordeal on the Third Episode of the Misfits and Mysteries Podcast, coming out Next Thursday. You can listen to it anywhere you can find podcasts.

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Dec 01, 2022

Uhhh…”Patty” the subject from the famous Patterson-Gimlin (and arguably the most famous Sasquatch of all) is a female Bigfoot with large pendulous breasts

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