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About Us

Misfits and Mysteries is a podcast hosted by two hilarious friends, Steve and Emmy, who love telling true (and allegedly true) stories about all things strange and supernatural. Like Bigfoot sightings, Cryptids and Sasquatch-related political scandals? We got you. How about LSD dolphin experiments and talking mongooses? No problem. Celebrity encounters with extraterrestrial life and UFOs more your style? Comin' right up.


Steve and Emmy also chat with exciting guests like paranormal experts, alligator trainers, film directors and more. Catch us every Thursday for more fun!

Image of the hosts, one is wearing a werewolf mask and the other has a frog head


Co-founder / co-host of the Misfits and Mysteries podcast and blog.  Steve likes fish, animals, B-movies, cryptozoology, evolution, aliens, and obscure jobs and sports. 

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The much cooler co-founder and co-host of the Misfits and Mysteries podcast and blog. When she's not working on Misfits and Mysteries, you can probably find her watching a documentary about aliens and the supernatural or roller skating. 

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