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How often do you post blogs?

We now have a publishing schedule and will be posting blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We will also be releasing guest announcement blogs and any potential guest blogs, from other bloggers as they are availible. 

Where can I find the Misfits and Mysteries Podcast?

We're on all major and most minor podcast platforms.  You can also listen to Misfits and Mysteries directly on our website.

When does your podcast come out?

Misfits and Mysteries comes out every Thursday night at 12am barring Thursday holidays in which case we will release the show early.  We're going to start producing some new bonus episodes which will be announced on out Instagram and Twitter. The best way to make sure you never miss out on an episode is to subscribe to our podcast on your preferred platform.

How can I support the show?

There are a few ways you can help support Misfits and Mysteries.

1.  You can read out blogs, sign up for our newsletter and share our content and tell a friend.  Word of mouth advertising is still the best and it will help us grow our blog and podcast.

2.  Subscribe to our podcast on your preferred podcast platform so you never miss an episode.  This helps with our download numbers and makes it easier for us to grow on all the podcasting platforms.

3. Rate our show five stars and give us a nice review on Apple Podcast or Podchaser.  Reviews tell the Apple Podcast Algorithm that people like our show, which makes our show more visable.

4.  Finally you could purchase our merch or donate a couple buck to us on Buy Me A Coffee.

Can I come on the podcast or leave a content suggestion?

Check out our contact page for more information about how to contact us about advertising, coming on the show, or leaving content suggestions.


We now have a Youtube guy running the show so we will start producing Youtube content.  Subscribe here.  For the time being it will only be podcast related content but as the world opens up we plan on creating some original video content.

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