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Funny Cryptid Encounters that Probably aren't Real

While researching for past episodes, I have found it surprisingly difficult to find funny Cryptid Stories that I didn't otherwise accidentally happen upon. So The goal of this blog is to create a home for these stories and hopefully replace the serious Cryptid sightings that aren't particularly funny. I plan to update this as I come across more stories and hopefully this will eventually become a database of the silliest "true" Cryptid encounters.

1. The Time the Jersey Devil Lost His Hand in a Car Window

If you have been listening to the Misfits and Mysteries podcast recently you would know just how much Emmy and I absolutely love this story.

Jersey Devil

In an interview with a local Fox News affiliate, New Jersey Pine Barrens native Micheal Orfe recounts his harrowing escape from the Jersey Devil as a teenager 60 years ago. According to Orfe, he was traveling down an unpaved road in South Jersey with Violet, his high school sweetheart and everything seemed to be going smoothly until Violet noticed something unusual moving towards them from the pines.

“I felt cocky and comfortable about being in the Pine Barrens but I shouldn’t have” - Micheal Orfe.

The couple heard a rustling in the woods and suddenly Violet opened her eyes and mouth wide and started pointing to the window. A scaly clawed hand was coming through the window and reaching for Violet's head. Micheal quickly rolled up the window which severed the creature's hand, spraying blood all over Violet's face. In a panic, Micheal tried to reverse his car but accidentally put the car into drive and the creature crashed through the windshield and grabbed its severed hand. Micheal quickly put the car in reverse and the teens narrowly escaped the creature.

We absolutely love this story because its insane and is clearly the best excuse two teenagers who were probably hooking up or doing something they weren't supposed to came up with for why they totaled their fathers car. What's even more incredible about this tale is that Orfe is now in his 70's and is still fully committed to the tale.

If you want to learn more about the Jersey Devil check out our blog! You can also listen to our episode about the Jersey Devil below, Apple Podcast, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform.

2. Bigfoot Snake Attack

Here's another Bigfoot "attack story" that we absolutely love for how outlandish it is.

Bigfoot Attack

In May of 2015, a woman was driving down a dirt road in Jones Creek Texas, when she came across a creature laying in the middle of the street. When she got close, she honked her horn at it and the creature stood up and was Bigfoot. This was not a happy Sasquatch. In fact, Bigfoot hurled a snake at the woman's car before running off into the woods. And in classic Bigfoot sighting fashion, she didn't get a photo of the Sasquatch, but she did keep and freeze the snake.

When I first told Emmy this story she said it was definitely a drunk guy passed out in a ditch throwing a snake at her car. Perhaps even a drunk guy in a Bigfoot costume. We even had a fan of the episode reach out and tell us that a drunk guy passing out in the road in Jones Creek and throwing a snake is 100% something that would happen

The other aspect of this story we absolutely love is that the woman saved the snake as evidence of Bigfoot. I'm not sure how exactly a frozen snake proves Bigfoot is real but I love how that was her thought process. We're fairly confident that this Bigfoot sighting was actually a drunk guy. If you want to learn about some potentially true Bigfoot attack stories check out this blog.

If you would like to learn more about the Bigfoot snake attack, check out Misfits and Mysteries on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform.

I will be updating this blog as I come across new stories! In the mean time check out our other blogs and consider sharing this blog with your friends or on social media. Stay spooky misfits!

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