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Watch out for this region in Vermont: you might just disappear

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

While you may have heard a lot about the Bermuda Triangle, you may not know much about its still-strange cousin, the Bennington Triangle. Located in Vermont -- centered around Glastenbury Mountain -- the Bennington Triangle is the site of many unexplained happenings, from UFO activity to bigfoot sightings, strange lights and sounds, and more.

But the Bennington Triangle is perhaps best known for strange disappearances. Between the 1940s and 1950s, many people went missing in the Bennington Triangle -- and no one really knows why. Here’s three of the most famous disappearances:

1. Carol Herrick, 1943

In 1943, Carol Herrick went for a hunting trip about 10 miles northeast of Glastenbury -- a ghost town. Unfortunately, he went missing. Multiple search parties went out for him, and his mutilated body was discovered three days later surrounded by large, mysterious footprints.

Reports say that he had been “squeezed to death”.

2. James Tedford, 1949

James Tedford was one of the most strange disappearances of all. James was in St. Albans visiting relatives, and was returning home on a bus when he vanished. Witnesses noted that he was one of 14 passengers on the bus when it arrived at the last stop before Bennington.

However, when the bus arrived at the Bennington stop, James was gone. All of his belongings were in the bus, and a open timetable was on his vacant seat -- but he was no where to be found. No one saw him get off the bus, or ever saw him again.

3. Frieda Langer, 1950

Not long after James disappeared, 53-year-old Frieda Langer went camping in the woods near Glastenbury Mountain with her cousin with her family. When they were only a few hundred yards from the campsite, Langer slipped and fell into the stream, soaking her clothes and shoes. Wanting to quickly dry off, Langer ran back to the campsite, leaving her cousin at the river. Then, she was gone.

Seven months later, her body was found near Somerset Reservoir -- a region that had been extensively searched for months by her 400-person search party. Because the body was so decomposed, researchers could not determine a cause of death, and the case remains unsolved.

Do you think this region is haunted, or is it just coincidence? Either way, I'm steering clear!

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