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We're Joined by They're Terrified & Tipsy Podcast!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

On this weeks episode of the Misfits and Mysteries Podcast, Emmy and Steve discuss the Simpson's uncanny ability to predict the future and the Mandela Effect. We also read off another podcast review and Steve rattles off his actual Starter Pokemon Tier List. We're also joined by Courtney and Stephanie from the wonderful They're Terrified and Tipsy Podcast. We discuss horror movies and play a fun Cryptid themed game with Tipsy Pod. You can find Misfits and Mysteries on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and all other podcast platforms.

You can find Tipsy Pod on Twitter: @PodTipsy, Instagram: @tipsypod, Youtube, and all other podcast platforms.

As always stay spooky misfits!

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