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We're Going Bigfoot Hunting with Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Micheal McKenry!

Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Micheal McKenry

Well Misfits, we have an unreal episode for you this week. This week, we're joined by a very special guest, Micheal McKenry, former catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates and current Pirates play by play guy. This was one of the most fun conversations we have had in a while and we learned a lot about baseball and had a great conversation about Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, conspiracies, and so much more. We also talk about two potential sea monster attacks on German U-Boats all the way back in WWI.

Micheal filled us in on his favorite baseball team he ever played for (based solely on the name), the Modesto Nuts. We also got the full story the MLB doesn't want you to hear about the time Micheal's minor league baseball team had a hostage situation game delay in California. Oh and we're going Bigfoot hunting with Micheal in the off season, so look out for some awesome Youtube content. We're very serious about going Bigfoot hunting. If you're a brand and want to sponsor this excursion or you're a professional Bigfoot hunter hit us up.

Greenie Weenie

We also introduced Micheal to Greenie Weenie, the green hotdog the 1960s Pittsburgh Pirates used to put a hex on their competition. Look out for Greenie Weenie because Micheal will be bringing it back.

We also get a definitive answer on weather or not Milwaukees Pfister Hotel is actually haunted. We discuss weather or not Tom Brady and Jacob DeGrom are actually cyborgs. Micheal also tells us all about how he would make the MLB way more fun if he we're commissioner for a day. We're talking boxing matches, power plays, and aluminum bats. We discuss all this and so much more in this weeks episode of Misfits and Mysteries!

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