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We're Joined by Campbell McLaren, the mastermind behind Combate Americas and the UFC!

This week Emmy and I talk awful restaurant reviews, our dream of doing our podcast from every Margaritaville in America, the Jersey Devil, and Bigfoot the Movie. We're also joined by a legendary man, Campbell McLaren. Campbell has managed talent the likes of Larry David, launched the UFC, launched College Humor, and most recently launched the most successful Hispanic MMA league in the world, Combate Americas.

Campbell tells us all about his experience managing talent like Larry David, and hiring Joe Rogan for UFC 5. He also tells us his opinion on weather the Comedy Store in LA is actually haunted or not and what his dream fight would be and so much more. You won't want to miss this awesome episode of Misfits and Mysteries.

You can find Campbell on Twitter and Instagram: @CampbellCombate. You can find Combate Americas on Twitter and Instagram: @combateamericas

You can find our podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify and all other podcast platforms.

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